Sunday, April 8, 2012

Know the expression 'Don't Be Getting All Up in my Grill"?

... apparently the neighborhood Starlings haven't...  I heard lots of pinging and knocking outside but every time I peeked outside I saw two starlings with beakfulls of twigs flying off.  I figured they were just gathering haphazardly and flying past the grill brushing against it or something.  When hubby returned home with Ty baby from their morning walk I mentioned inspecting the grill in case the Starlings had damaged it.  I was shocked when he opened the grill to find this:
LOL!  and we have a large grill too!  OMG!  Those starlings are industrious little birds I tell you!  They must have flown in the holes in the sides of the grill and thought they had stumbled upon the Barbie Dream Home of Starling bird houses (hornets did this back in GA, MUCH prefer the starlings!).  I could not stop laughing as my hubby contemptuously began glaring at every feathered friend that happened to fly by our yard as if he was asking them "Did YOU do this?  How about YOU?!!"  "I told you, starlings did this - not the finches, not the robins, they are too busy scouting for worms Honey".  (My knowledge of birds is limited, but I know what Starlings look like).  Thankfully, the 'nest' was not completed enough to have any eggs in it yet.  (Back in GA we had a family of cute red house finches that finished their nest in less than 24 hours - and since I saw one of the birds sitting there a lot I assumed eggs where already 'in the house' and didn't want to be responsible for any aviacide so I left it alone, and it was a tiny nest at the top of the porch, not really causing any trouble or inconvenience, and it was fun to see the baby finches once they hatched, I like little birdies, but I digress...).  At my insistence, he left the clippings in a pile so they could use them to build elsewhere and cleaned the grill.  I warned him to plug up the holes in the sides of the grill before they attempted to rebuild, which he insisted they would not do as he had just let the grill burn for about 10 minutes to kill off any bacteria or anything. 
     This is was we found less then an hour later:
There is tin foil blocking the holes now.  ;)  Hope everyone has a happier Easter and Passover than these poor now-homeless little Starlings.
~Crafty Math Chick


Anita said...

How funny! My hubby would of done the dame thing. I grill gets mice which hasn't been used in years.

Candace said...

LOL!!! Thanks for the laugh!

Madeleen said...

That is really funny! We also have birds nesting in our garden but luckily they stay away from the grill! LOL