Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Blizzard Thank You with Newton's Nook Designs

Hello!  Can you hear me saying hi from underneath all this snow?  (Actually I typed this up in advance in the event we lost power and I was unable to log on).  Today I am featured on the Newton's Nook Designs Blog and I wanted to share a card I made to thank our young neighbor who is helping us out by snowplowing our driveway for us to help spare our ever aging backs (thought it would be a festive and memorable way to include his payment) using NND's Winter Tails set:

Blizzard Thank You Card by Crafty Math Chick | Winter Tails by Newton's Nook Designs

I added the little bird because I filled all the feeders on our property with birdseed to help our our feathered friends during these inclement conditions and have enjoyed watching all of them chow down and enjoy the buffet.  Too bad they have to eat in the snow and wind, poor birdies.

Hope everyone is safe and warm!  Thanks for stopped by to see my creation!

~ Crafty Math Chick


Kimberly Rendino said...

Oh this is so PERFECT to thank your helper! This card just cracked me up.....great job!

Jennifer Jackson said...

Such a fun card! I bet your neighbor will love it! Hope your weather improves soon!!